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Welcome to our blog!

At Hayes Park School, we use blogging to provide our children with a safe platform to communicate with the world – giving our writing a purpose.  This site is pupil led and features many posts that you are welcome to comment on.  In fact, the more you comment the more we like it and the more we learn.

We have already had thousands of visitors from around the world learning with us on our site.  We have flag counters on our pages so that we can track how many visitors we have and where they are visiting from.  So, why don’t you join in the conversation?

Be brave, click on a year group, find an interesting post and send us a comment.  Please don’t be disheartened if your comments don’t appear instantly; our teachers moderate all comments before they go live.  We always aim to respond too so check back to see our replies.

If you require support with using our blog, contact us on 020 8573 6117 or

Happy blogging!

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