The book is about a boy who went to the hospital and made friends. Also at midnight they get at one of the persons bed and talk. The main charecters were Tom, Sally, Robin, Matron, Amber, Tootsie and many others. All of the children friendly to (More)
Black Beauty is an animal autobiography about a black horse, he When he was two years old, he experienced and hunting party on a hare ad he gets scared. When he was four years old Beauty's owner ,Farmer Grey, would teach him how to ride carriages th (More)
Mrs Queenan wrote: The Prisoner of Zenda
This book was about a young man who visits a city called Ruritania and is the image of a young king but finds that Black Micheal is planning to destroy. The main characters in the book are Rudolph and Black Michael. Wager on pg36 Explain (More)
Mrs Queenan wrote: Carries war
A girl named Carrie and someone called nick where evacuated in the war to whales with Mr Evans the person who took care of them Carrie had a dream of coming back to her dreams when she was a twelve year old skinny girl,short,scratched legs, and r (More)
What was this book about? It was about 4 friends. Three of the friends try to stop one of the friends (the toad) from stealing motor cars and breaking out of prison and turn him into a sensible toad. Who were the main characters in this book? The (More)
What was this book about? Macbeth trying to kill the king(King Duncan) Who were the main characters in this book? Macbeth Lady Macbeth King Duncan Malcolm(Kind Duncan's eldest son) Donalbain(King Duncan's youngest son) Banquo Macduff Thre (More)
What was this book about? This book is about four sisters who are currently living with their mother in New England. Their father went away for the Civil War and is serving as a Chplain. With the Civil War going on, the family struggle to suppor (More)
Mrs Queenan wrote: tewlfth night
What was this book about?Its about two people called Sebastian and his twin sister called Viola .And they like each other like a raindrops.And one day Sebastian and his twin sister Viola went on a sea adventure .Then SUDDLY the ship sank but (More)
Mrs Queenan wrote: The Three Musketeers
What was this book about? The book is about D'Artagnan who travel to Paris hoping to become one of the king 's musketeers. Who were the main characters in this book? The main characters are D'Artagnan,Athos,Porthos,Aramis and D'Artagnan. What wor (More)