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Inauguration day: Do you think Trump will keep his promises or do you think he won't? Are you a Clinton fan? Do tell us what you think about it and say why you support one or the other.  Even tell us some facts. Don't forget to comment! (More)
Mekavi wrote: A riddle
Two fathers and two sons sat down to eat eggs for breakfast. They ate exactly three eggs, each person had an egg. The riddle is for you to explain how ? Please write some comments below ! I will reveal the answer on Monday. (More)
Sarah wrote: Riddles 2
What can travel around the world while staying in a corner? What starts with a t and ends in a t? What is red and flashes like a lighthouse? Out of the eater something to eat, out of the strong something sweet. What am I? Don't forget to (More)
17salman wrote: All about me!
Hello my salman .I would like to say that I really love football also basketball I mostly play basketball but I enjoy football more . My favourite  subject is Maths because in maths  there lots of things to learn English is okay not bad .I really l (More)
Devipriya wrote: My hobbies.
Hi, I am writing this post  to tell you about my hobbies. My favourite subject at school is English, Maths, Science and Art. My favourite sport is netball and tennis. I go to netball training on Thursdays. I have so many responsibilities around t (More)
Amar wrote: All About Me!
Hello, my name is Amar. From a young age, I have been a keen reader. That is the only time I like to sit down! I love playing and watching Football (or Soccer), Tennis, Cricket and Basketball. I also play for a Football team named Ruislip Range (More)
Zak wrote: About me!
Hey! It is Sarah here. I'm going to talk about me! My favourite things are sport ( especially swimming) , reading, art and friends. I am a great Enid Blyton and Lemony Snicket fan. I go to swimming training twice a week and I have got loads of med (More)
Francis wrote: All about me!
Hello everyone, my name is Francis and I am here to talk about myself. My favorite subjects are  history and maths . as I watch a lot of Horrible Histories. I like to play sports and my favorite sport is cricket. I'm the captain of my cricket team w (More)
What's up?  Hi my name is Iqra and as many of you would've observed from the title I'm a Hayes Park School Prefect and JRSO. I really enjoy both roles and enjoy many other things we discuss in our meetings. I really ENJOY  hanging out with my frien (More)