This week’s English/ Topic homework! Due in: 24/11/17

After a fantastic visit to the Verulamium Museum on Thursday, we would likeĀ  you to create a poster to advertise the museum! The poster should include:

  • Where it is
  • What it is
  • The importance of the museum’s location
  • What there is to do
  • Some interesting facts
  • Pictures or Photos

Make sure it is bright and colourful! We look forward to seeing your poster!

Healthy Eating at School and Home! What will you try?

Dear Parents and Carers,
As a school, we are working hard to ensure that everyone is living a healthy lifestyle and to support this, we would like to share some useful links about healthy lunches!
The following links include some great tips, recipes and information about healthy eating for the whole family:

Is there anything that you have found helpful? Are there any changes or new things that you are going to make? Please comment and share below!
Thank you,
Year 4 :)

4R’s Radio Adverts!


Harvest Festival 2017

Thank you to everyone who donated for the Harvest Festival! I know we all enjoyed Vine’s assembly last week and I know we are so happy that this food will be donated to people who really need it! Thank you once again everyone! 😃😃

Check out our volcano rap!

Listen to the mp3 link and try and rap along to learn about volcanoes!

Volcano, volcano, what do you know?
Be careful, be careful, because it might blow!
Where do they come from and what do they do?
Well sit down and relax and I will tell you!

The Earth is made up of layers one, two and three,
They’re deep in the Earth and something you can’t see,
The first layer is the inner and outer core,
But it doesn’t stop there, there is more!

Nickle and iron is in the inner core,
And super hot lava is in the outer core!
All this happens 3000 miles below,
Did you know that? Well now you know!

The second layer is mantel and it is great,
It’s made of hard rock and 85% of the Earth’s weight!
It is so hard, just like a brick,
And it’s also 1,800 miles thick!

And finally we have and 18 mile crust,
It’s made up of plates which you can not trust,
If they shift, things begin to shake,
And this is how we get an Earthquake!

So inside the Earth there magma inside,
And deep below the Earth is where it hides,
But when magma comes out of the volcano,
It is so hot, you will definitely know,

Because magma escapes from the main vent,
From a volcano which looks like a giant rock tent,
Then it erupts and things are bad,
And the magma turns to lava and we get ash cloud,

The magma flows from the crater at the top,
And once it starts, it won’t stop!
This can be bad for you and me,
So never live near a volcano or you will see,

Volcano, volcano, what do you know?
Be careful, be careful, because it might blow!

If a volcano is dormant this means it’s dead,
Just make sure you’re careful, just like we said!