Audience – Who and where are you?

We are a Year 5 class in Hayes near Heathrow Airport in London. We want to know where you are in the world. Please leave us a quick comment telling us and where you are and an interesting fact about where you are. Any comments left will be checked before being approved.

Year 5.

Viking boats

The Vikings have a boat called the longship. They used longships for invasions,it was double sided so it could be pushed of the beach by each end.


Alfred was  not so great at first he was born in 849AD   and was the youngest out of 5 brothers he is the son of applewolf

Alfred the great

King Alfred was called Alfred the great because  it was very unlikely that Alfred would be king because he was the youngest off three brothers . Alfred  was born on AD849. Alfred also thought that education valued .

Viking boats

The vikings boats were flexible they could bounce on the waves in storms.A hoard of  coins was found in Sweden in 2008  they were really old and they were buried in around AD 850.A viking settlement was found in a sight called Newfoundland  in Canada.

The vikings used longships for raiding. They also used the knarr for cargo and animals because it was so strong and sturdy. These things are the vikings secret wepons. The vikings boats were flexible and strong , it only needed to be 2-3 cetimeters.

The vikings cam from lands called Norway,Sweden and Denmark. They also used longships to travel along the sea.

why were Anglo Saxon boats so important

Long ships were very important to the Vikings because they used them to raid other countries the would steal gold silver and anything valuable. If they didn’t invade then the Vikings wouldn’t have anything to sell.

they would also long ships for catching fish to eat they used to come out to shore and they would go fishing and because the long ships was 18 meters long!! They could fit quite a lot of fish.

Long ships were also important because Vikings would sail out to different countries  and carry gold silver and other special things.

Image result for viking longship


Vikings had flexible longships but they could not bend only the end of the ship. It  was very hard for the vikings to get around because  off all of them big waves around they used the stars,sun and the landmarks to tell them wich way to go around the world.

Anglo-Saxon & Viking Day

During the Anglo-Saxon & Viking Day, I was absolutely thrilled! I couldn’t wait! I walked past the door and saw such amazing costumes that people were wearing, lot’s of different clothes and I really felt it as how I was actually a Viking person from the past. It was fantastic! When I got into the classroom, we had to line up and it was really fun because I could already feel the goodness coming to me. It was just…you know…EPIC! I couldn’t believe it!

I walked into the hall and it was actually really good. I actually saw this lady, her name was Lorrette and she was surrounded  by 5T and 5B. She was dressed up as a Saxon. After we had settled down,she started to talk about lot’s of stories which were about the Viking’s and Saxon’s when they were in battle. It was very entertaining.



Hi my name is Thivisha and I’m in 5H and today I’m going to tell you about Viking longships and Knarr.

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This is the Viking long ship


The viking long ship boats can be sailed in shallow and deep water. Vikings loved the sea. Did you know that there were two main boats? These boats are the Knarr and the longship. The Knarr is strong and steady for moving cargo and animals.




Year 5’s Christingle Performance

Dear all,

Year 5’s Christingle Performance at St Nicholas’ Church on Raynton Drive,  is just over a week away. Year 5 pupils are busy rehearsing to make sure they move you with their singing and acting.

We would love to see you all there!

P.S. Hey kids! Here’s the link to practise the songs at home.

2017 Yr5 Christingle Concert

Welcome to our Christmas Fair!!!

Donations for our Christmas Market


Dear Parents/ Carers,

Friends of Hayes Park will be hosting a Christmas Market on Friday 1st December in our KS2 playground! The market will take place between 3:30- 5:00 and you will be able to enjoy lots of stalls full of food, games and crafts.

In order to support the market, we are asking for donations of:

  • Cakes
  • Chocolates
  • Sweets
  • Bottles of drinks

All of the above need to be unopened and in date.

Please send all donations to your child’s class teacher by Wednesday 29th November.  For further information, please speak to Mrs Ramtohul-Butler.

We hope that you can come to the Christmas Market and thank you in advance for your donations!


Thank you,

Friends of Hayes Park