Anglo-Saxon & Viking Day

During the Anglo-Saxon & Viking Day, I was absolutely thrilled! I couldn’t wait! I walked past the door and saw such amazing costumes that people were wearing, lot’s of different clothes and I really felt it as how I was actually a Viking person from the past. It was fantastic! When I got into the classroom, we had to line up and it was really fun because I could already feel the goodness coming to me. It was just…you know…EPIC! I couldn’t believe it!

I¬†walked into the hall and it was actually really good. I actually saw this lady, her name was Lorrette and she was surrounded¬† by 5T and 5B. She was dressed up as a Saxon. After we had settled down,she started to talk about lot’s of stories which were about the Viking’s and Saxon’s when they were in battle. It was very entertaining.


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