Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

What was this book about?
Charlotte’s Web was about a girl called Fern who looked after a weak pig after saving it from death . The pig called Wilbur was moved to Fern’s uncle’s farm. The pig felt lonely without a friend. One day he found a spider called Charlotte the one who wrote the words some pig, terrific, radiant and humble on her web to help Wilbur survive. Can she help him or will it all end horribly ? READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS TO WILBUR .

Who were the main characters in this book?
The main characters were Charlotte , Wilbur, Fern , Templeton and Homer Zuckerman .

What words or phrases does the author use to describe a character? The author described a pig called uncle like this.
It says he has the most unattractive personality , is too familiar , too nosy , is enormous and cracks weak jokes.

Locate a word you were unsure about and write it below.
Explore that word below
Synonym: jug
Meaning: A large jug or an amount in a l large jug.

Summarise the most exciting part of the book.
The most exciting part of the story was when Wilbur escaped from his pig pen and his owner struggled to catch him.

What age group would you recommend this book to?
I would recommend this book to 7 and above because this book is easy to read apart from a few words and it is easy to understand.

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